Communication Aids information from Trabasack

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The innovative and original Trabasack is an ergonomically designed and extremely comfortable lay tray bag which is fantastic for accessing communication aids, games and media devices.

The Trabasack is designed to provide:

–       A level and secure surface for your communication aids (e.g. Lightwriter), switches and sensory toys.

–       A comfortable fit as it’s designed to hug the body’s contours. It is also equipped with a padded cushioned base which is ergonomically designed for your comfort and safety.

–       Ease of transport as the Trabasack is extremely lightweight. It can be easily attached to your buggy, wheelchair or therapy chair and used as when you need. If not in use, it can be worn as a rucksack, messenger bag or even hung on the back of the chair.

–       Safe storage as the Trabasack is multipurpose. It has its highly functional tray surface but also doubles up as a bag to carry your items safely when not in use.

Expert user and assitive tech blogger Kati Lea, pictured with a Toby Lightwriter on a Trabasack communication aid tray.

The Trabasack is fantastic for providing access to your communication aids and as one of our loyal customers Kati shows in this picture, it’s fantastic for safe and relaxed conversation via your Lightwriter or other text-to-speech device.

Trabasack has existed since 2007 and has many recommendations across the web. We were very pleased when Trabasack was reviewed by expert Assistive Technology Practitioner and ICT specialist, Chris Peak. Here’s a summary of what Chris had to say:


A Review of Trabasack from an expert Assistive Technology Practitioner


 “When I’m assessing their need for specialist technology, one of the most important areas to consider is their physical positioning and the positioning of their access device, such as a switch or communication aid. A tray can play an important role in both these areas.

When Netbuddy asked me to take a look at a Trabasack I headed straight for Google as I had no idea what it was! It is an ergonomically designed bag that can be placed used as a tray…

I received the ‘Trabasack Connect’ which has a Velcro top to the tray. The first thing I noticed was the weight of the Trabasack. It’s very light and smaller than I expected it to be. It has a very neat design and comes with straps that can be attached very easily in different configurations, depending on how the bag is to be held.

‘Holds smaller communication and assistive devices’

It comfortably holds an iPad or similar tablet device and also works well with various other smaller communication and assistive devices. The hard top and the cushioned bottom mean that any device stored in the bag is very well protected.

I wanted to trial the Trabasack with students in a special school that I work in so – Trabasack in hand – I took it around one morning to see how people reacted to it and how effective it would be. It excited the staff in particular, as the two things that go everywhere with the students are bags and trays. To integrate the two meant less to carry on the wheelchair.

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Many students tried the tray on their laps and it was surprising how well it worked for different students. The bottom of the Trabasack moulds to a person’s lap and a strap can be positioned to wrap around their waist, securing it in place.

 Used for Assistive Technology Assessments

Over the course of a week I held assistive technology assessments and instead of using a regular tray, I found that the Trabasack was a quicker and more efficient approach. The Velcro top meant that switches and mounts could be quickly secured and because it rested on the student’s lap it fitted better to the contours of their body.

It also allowed improved access to devices placed on the tray compared with some wheelchair trays. One problem I often come across is students catching their hands underneath their wheelchair tray as it has to be positioned above the legs. As the Trabasack sits on the legs and it is a softer design this problem was mostly overcome.

I was extremely surprised by the versatility of this simple design. The Trabasack is an efficient and effective device and for many of the students who tried it, it offered a viable alternative to a wheelchair tray, while also offering the function of a modern bag to transport their equipment.

Of course, the Trabasack has is function in many situations and I can safely say that my next iPad case will certainly now be a Trabasack!”

As you can see this professional endorsement review shows how useful trabasack is as a mount for communication aid or switches or other assistive technology.


To buy a Trabasack from our secure site click here


NEW! The Media Mount for Communication Aids and Switch Mounting

Trabasack have recently launched a new accessory to help with mounting, called a Media Mount.

media mount ipad holder

The Media Mount with an iPad. It can be used with any communication device as an alternative to clamps and mounts.

The Media Mount was created to made use of with either of the ‘Connect’  Trabasack lap trays, that have the velcro receptive tray top. The Media Mount is made from a soft hook and loop receptive fabric, and has a Velcro strip along the length of it. It is mad to become a rim around the edge of the tray top but also to it can be twisted and shaped effortlessly into numerous shapes and forms. Doing so gives it the flexibility to attach and hold many different objects. You can the right angle to hold the things you want to support on the tray.

It has easy grab handles to make using it easier for people with poor grip or dexterity and a high visibility strip for people with a visual impairment. However it’s black velvet texture is meant to emphasis the switch or toy that is being mounted rather than be come the object of interest itself! This innovative new product is a perfectly designed accessory for any Trabasack user, and makes a very low cost alternative to expensive clamps and mounts.

To buy a media mount click here

For more information about the media mount, visit our blog page about it.