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Using Switches for Communication

Using Switches for Communication

Access our new Guide to Switch Technology

Using Switches Guide for communication

Our new Guide to Assistive Switch Technology for communication, gaming and play

We have published a new guide on using switches for communication and a range of other purposes, with the aim to introduce assistive switch technology to those who know very little about it. Our guide is an introduction to a world of knowledge regarding switches and their uses and we believe readers of this blog could really enjoy and benefit from the information we’ve put together. The guide is available via PDF and is split into several categories:

Introduction – What is Switch Technology

Advantages of Switch Technology

Types of Switches

Determining Correct Switch Positioning

Simple Switch Activities

Switch Mounting

More Useful Information and Links

Each category takes a quick, introductory look at its topic and allows the reader to begin to understand the basics of switch technology and how it can be used by a range of individuals with different needs. The guide focuses on providing information for parents, carers and perhaps educators who want to understand more about switches and how they can be used positively for users with a range of disabilities.

Switches for Communication

Communication Switch

A Communication Switch

There are a number of switches on the market that are specifically designed to aid communication and even the development of speech. Switches can be preprogrammed with specific phrases and answers that are commonly used by the individual in question or they can be more free reign like many AAC devices, requiring the touch of a button or the blink of an eye to cause the correct utterance to be heard.

Switches can be programmed with a single response or a range of message choices to suit the user and the extent to which you can customise a switch to the individual should not be underestimated. Another important factor to consider in the use of switches for communication is the positioning of the switch and our guide covers positioning and mounting in depth to ensure all readers are aware of the necessary questions to ask themselves before positioning their chosen switch.

To get your own copy of the guide, click here.  


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