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Using your Trabasack Mini as a Lightwriter Bag

Use your Trabasack Mini as a Lightwriter Bag

The Trabasack Mini is the perfect size for s Lightwriter SL40

Finding the right bag for your Lightwriter can be difficult. As your Lightwriter is obviously an essential and expensive piece of equipment you use for daily communication, you need to be sure the bag you use to store is able to keep it safe, secure and intact. With a Trabasack Mini or Trabasack Mini Connect, you will have no trouble keeping your Lightwriter in top condition and also be able to access it for communication as and when you require.

Your Trabasack Mini is the ideal Lightwriter Bag as its both compact and functional. It’s designed to hold all manner of devices and keeps them secure in its spacious bag compartment and if you want to utilise the Trabasack Mini’s tray surface, you’ll find it is the perfect size for a Lightwriter SL40, which means you can keep your Lightwriter on a secure and level surface when you have something to say. Additionally, if you opt to have the ‘Connect’ surface on your Trabasack Mini, your Lightwriter can be secured with Velcro hooks so there is no risk of it falling or getting damaged. This is a particularly good option for anybody who experiences tremors or physical tics.

The Trabasack Mini is designed to be comfortable on your back as a rucksack as well as on your lap as a tray but can also be carried in other ways. It can be carried as a messenger bag, like a briefcase and its long detachable carry straps can be used to make a waist strap too.

At Trabasack, we understand how essential equipment such as your Lightwriter can be and this is exactly why we have designed products like the Trabasack Mini to ensure you can keep your most valuable possessions safe and sound in a perfectly designed Lightwriter Bag. The second tray function of the Trabasack just makes it even more practical as you can access your Lightwriter whenever you need.

 Below is a video looking more in depth in Lightwriters and their benefits:

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