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Talk Shop Conference 2013

An image of two purple speech bubbles, one with "talk" the other with "shop" written in white.

Talk Shop 2013 takes place 21st of June at the Daventry Court Hotel.

Friday 21st of June, 2013, will see Trabasack once again attending the annual Talk Shop – the national Speech & Language and Occupational therapy conference.

trabasack lap tray with microphone

Trabasack can be used to mount a microphone to encourage speech

The Talk Shop fair is a one day conference that brings together Speech and Language and Occupational Therapists from around the country to discuss ideas, ignite creativity in the field and keep up-to-date with available resources.

Talk Shop is the ideal location for therapists to meet up with others in the field, and gives them an opportunity to discuss their teaching and therapy methods, share stories and learn how others help their patients get the most from therapy.

By providing a forum for those in the SLT and OT profession, Talk Shop can help keep the field of communication therapy fresh and creative. As each patient in need of communication therapy will have their strengths and weaknesses, many therapist will have unique stories to tell, and having a chance to chat and share experiences can help provide new approaches for speech and language therapy.

TalkShop Workshops 2013

This year Talk Shop will be providing 4 unique and in-depth workshops for parents, carers, SLTs and OTs to take part in.

Apps for use in Therapy

With the fast changing technology that is now available for use in communication therapy, Talk Shop have chosen to present a workshop dedicated to iPads and apps as communication and sensory aids. This workshop will be hosted by Richard Hirstwood, well known for his passionate and experienced approach to multi sensory therapy. He will be talking about how to use iPads for children and adults with additional needs, to engage, motivate and to help connect with those who have communication issues. He will also share ideas for creating multi-sensory experiences for children using toys and environments, as well as touch-screen technology. For a sneak-peak of Richard’s work, you can visit his website

Auditory Processing – ‘The Importance of a Full Sensory Assessment’

The next workshop on offer is Auditory Processing – The importance of a Full Sensory Assessment. Alan Heath, head of the workshop, has taken part in a number of Talk Shop events over the years, and is back again to discuss how the complex mix of all 5 senses allows a child or adult with additional needs to understand the world around them. He will talk about how issues with processing one of the senses can impact upon the processing of the other four, and in turn general daily functioning. For more information on Alan’s work, visit his website

An Introduction to TalkTools Oral Placement Therapy for Feeding and Speech

Next up is the introduction to TalkTools Oral Placement Therapy workshop. TalkTools products and systems were developed in the USA and are specifically targeted at helping therapist aid patients with speech and feeding issues. The workshop includes information on motor and sensory issues that can affect speech and feeding, and therapy techniques that utilise oralsensory/ motor tools. Helen Woodrow is heading the workshop, and is an accredited level 4 TalkTools Therapist, making her the most experienced TalkTools therapist in Europe. You can find out more about Helen and her TalkTools experience by visiting her website

We have been using TalkTools with our son who has Dravet Syndrome. They have really helped him with his eating and drinking and we shall continue to tell other parents about them.

‘How do you SLOT in? Joint SLT and OT working’

The final workshop available on the day is an in-depth look at what TalkShop is all about. The workshop is headed by Hayley and Jess – Speech and Language Therapist and Occupational Therapists respectively, they are highly experienced in their fields. Hayley and Jess are currently combining their skills and experience to create a new independent therapy practise called “We Do Therapy”. They will provide an interactive presentation covering how they met and came to work together, why setting up “We Do Therapy” was important to them, and plenty of hints and tips on how to work collaboratively on projects to achieve desired goals. For more information follow Hayley and Jess on twitter : @WeDoTherapy

Exhibitors and Learning Zones at TalkShop 2013

As well as a fantastic range of workshops for SLT and OT professionals, the TalkShop conference also includes a large selection of exhibitors each showcasing their products and communication aids. It is here that Trabasack will be demonstrating their multi-use lap tray bag and media mount, providing helpful ideas on how to get the most out of your Trabasack in relation to communication and sensory aids.

Media Mount holding a communication switch and a 'hello' symbol

Trabasack being used for symbols and switches

The Learning Zones offer different environments for experimenting with and seeing various equipment and technology in action. This year sees four zones on offer – Tech Zone, featuring the latest in assistive, speech and interactive technologies. Then the Sensory Zone provides an area dedicated to providing the latest in engaging sensory equipment and experiences. The Classroom Zone is a ‘mock’ classroom which will showcase the most inclusive and innovative furniture and school equipment on the market. Lastly the Design Zone will allow you to see ideas that are still in development, get involved with prototypes and take part in discussion on how to develop innovative therapy tools.

Finally, there will be a “Day in the Life” presentation where companies and experts examine the daily equipment needs of children with additional needs, including everything from waking, hoisting, feeding, travelling and bathing. This presentation will demonstrate some of the products on offer from many of the exhibitors and will help provide you with ideas on new equipment that may help your own child.

Image of someone with a Talk Shop tote bag on their shoulder, browsing items for sale on a table.

Each attendee will receive a Talk Shop bag filled with resources and ideas.

TalkShop Venue and Ticket Bookings

TalkShop 2013 will take place on Friday, 21st of June at the Daventry Court Hotel, Northamptonshire. Doors open at 9:15am and the work shop and exhibits are available throughout the day until closing at 4:45pm. There is a large car park available for attendees and tickets are available for £55 per person. To book a place at TalkShop 2013 simple fill in the online form here or contact Louise Scrivener via phone 07881 523804 or email


The video below is a little taste of the kind of information Alan Heath will provide during his sensory and iPad app workshop:

Trabasack is available from these Communication Aid companies (to add your company to the list, please email duncan{at}