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QR Voice and using QR Codes for Communication

How QR Codes can be used for communication

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Quick Response (QR) Codes appear everywhere. You’ll see them in magazines, on bus stop advertisements and pretty much anywhere you can reach with a smart phone. They have become an integral part of modern mobile society but what exactly do they do and how can they be used to aid communication? We look at QR Voice and Symbol Boards.

What are QR Codes?

QR Codes are simply a particular type of small barcode which is extremely quick to read via the right device and can load up large volumes information in comparison to traditional bar codes. You can scan a QR Code with most smartphones, tablets and also specifically built QR reading devices. After scanning they connect to a webpage, sound bite, video or other digital information source.

How can QR Codes be used for speech and communication?

This is where QR Voice comes in. As mentioned any digital information source can be encoded simply into a QR barcode and this includes verbal responses, statements and more. QR Voice encodes text messages into a QR code and then this message can be stored in a smartphone or tablet and used multiple times. Once created and scanned the QR Voice clip can be used regularly to aid communication for those who have non-verbal issues or may just have specific times where verbal speech becomes difficult.

The QR Voice site was developed for regular use but it can be easily adapted as an extremely simple AAC device that’s completely free for anybody to access. You could programme in some specific phrases such as ‘I’m thirsty’, ‘I’m hungry’ and simple ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ utterances and support the user to select specific codes when trying to communicate verbally through their smartphone or tablet.

QR codes on a Symbol Board

You could create a symbol board using these QR codes. Usually Symbol Boards have letters or pictures but using QR codes and a smart phone takes the board to another level of sophistication. The QR symbol could be used with QR Voice to create small sentences that are spoken when the code is read, or the Symbol could lead to a website or image online.

Symbol board mount, using a trabasack to secure a symbol board on the lap

A Trabasack Mini Connect could be used to hold a QR code symbol board

With a little practice, it should be quite simple to get used to and for more advanced users of technology messages of up to 100 characters can be crafted, allowing for a short conversation where possible. Another use could be a series of instructions or a set of sentences, weblinks or images for a talk or presentation.

This short video shows QR Voice in action:

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