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Proloquo4Text is Here!!

Proloquo4text: is a new text to speech app for people who cannot speak or have difficulties making themselves understood.

Below is a review of the new app from Proloquo – P4T by expert user Kati Lea


I received the first build of P4T in Sept and initially had a few difficulties as the categories that went down the side were too narrow and did not seem to increase with font neither did the prediction on the keyboard. 

First build of P4T

First build of P4T


I gave them feedback over the issues that a person with fine motor difficulties would struggle with particularly and then a few weeks later was sent a second build of the Beta version. 


This was much better and easier for me to use.  I could make the categories bigger and the prediction in the keyboard, although it didn’t leave much space for typing on the iPad mini when the keyboard is up, especially if you are using very large font’s. The space does look bigger in screenshots that it comes across on the iPad mini.

I feel, to make the best of this app, particularly if you have some fine motor issues but want to access directly via touch, then the larger iPad would give you more room to play with on the screen. If you can see a regular sized font easily this issue will probably not affect you.

The app does have some great features for adult communicators and is aimed at Adults with good literacy skills who prefer a prediction based AAC device to one with symbols and having to hunt through ‘pages’ of topics to find the words/sentences you want. 


Each build brought improvements from the last. There is a start up guide to help the total novice set the app to their requirements, though it is easy for the more experienced user to find all settings under the gear icon on the top right of the screen.

page from the start up guide

page from the start up guide


pages and menu's are explained in detail in the user guide

pages and menu’s are explained in detail in the user guide

Here are some examples with larger font’s and coloured menu’s that I created, just to show how it can be personalised.

It was quick & easy to colour code, making longer pre-stored sentences easy to find

It was quick & easy to colour code, making longer pre-stored sentences easy to find


Type statuses for Facebook and Twitter

Type statuses for Facebook and Twitter



If you are reducing the predictions/quick chat to one column, I find sentence prediction and phrases the most helpful if you wish to reduce options. However you can choose for all of them to appear on that side and you just press the small icon on top right of that bar to scroll through between quickchat,  prediction etc. 


You can also make the prediction on the keyboard a larger font and bigger ‘buttons’, or you can remove it entirely and only have predictions on the side bars. 

keyboard with prediction removed

keyboard with prediction removed


 You can even have the keyboard prediction in a different colour if you want!  Another great feature I was keen to see incorporated was abbreviation-expansion or ‘shortcuts’. These are essential to the text based typist to speed up production of long explanations and as an alternative to having to look through categories.

Here are screenshots of me creating the shortcut to explain Typetalk (as in the screenshot further up)


I created a category called Shortcuts in 'Quick Talk' then selected 'add item'

I created a category called Shortcuts in ‘Quick Talk’ then selected ‘add item’


This is page where you create your pre-stored sentence and turn it into an abbreviation

This is page where you create your pre-stored sentence and turn it into an abbreviation


now you an choose to either go into quick talk to find the sentence or just type 'ETT'

now you an choose to either go into quick talk to find the sentence or just type ‘ETT’


 as soon as you type in your abbreviation the text comes up to save you alot of typing!

as soon as you type in your abbreviation the text comes up to save you alot of typing!


 Regarding access methods – the switch access is now built into iOS7 and you can use the app with either external switches or using your iPads camera as the switch with look left to stop scan,  right to continue for example. You can let the OS scan for you or do it manually so it only scans when you activate by turning your head.  You can also scan by touching screen.  You can add this as an extra feature and combine with head movements to create 3 switches.


an example of a switch set up using the inbuilt camera and screen.

an example of a switch set up using the inbuilt camera and screen.


 To reach this page go to .. General Settings > Accessibility > Physical & Motor > Switch Control > Switches and select your preferred input method. 


This is a useful feature with adults with progressive conditions who maybe able to use an iPad with hands to start but maybe wanting to start to teach themselves switch scanning,  so they can be proficient in it by the time it is needed full time.  The iPad mini (wi-fi only version) is £399 as a entry price,  significantly cheaper than many specialist AAC devices for those struggling to afford or get funding for them


I do have mine on an iPad mini (It’s all I could afford this year) and  there is not a lot of spare screen space when you need to make prediction,  fonts and side bars bigger in order to read them properly or just physically hit the right one.  For those with aiming difficulties/intention tremor etc I would suggest using P4T with the larger screened iPad.  It may even make it possible for some people to use in portrait mode.

P4T can be used in Portrait mode too for those that prefer.

P4T can be used in Portrait mode too for those that prefer.

Image of the Proloquo4Text logo, which features two apostrophes - one looks like a face taking, the other is leaving the mouth of the face like a speech bubble.

Click here to purchase the Proloquo4Text AAC app for iPad and iPhone

As a side note – Typetalk/Text Direct are also bringing out an app called ParallelText that allows you to use iDevices as minicoms to make phone calls.  Giving you a fully functional AAC device that can do the same as the more expensive devices regarding having switch access, ability to compose text message (PLUS use as a minicom for hearing impaired AAC users)  and a communication aid PLUS all the other stuff you can do on an iPad too!!

Overall it is an excellent app and released today on the app store at a special introductory price of £44.99 for the first few weeks, after which it will be £89.99.









How to use Proloquo2Go on Your iPad

How to use Proloquo2Go on Your iPad

Proloquo2Go is the leading portable and affordable AAC communication app for iPads and other Apple devices. Proloquo2Go can significantly improve the communication for those who are non-verbal or who have difficulty finding the words they need in certain scenarios, for example when they’re over anxious or stressed.

Proloquo2Go - AssistiveWare

A simple guide to how to use Proloquo2Go on your iPad.

Proloquo2go on iPad

Initially, you need to have a basic understanding of Apple technology, which is extremely intuitive and known for its basic and easy-accessibility. Proloquo2go is potentially very advanced technology but has some very basic features which have been known to aid even toddlers in their speech.

Firstly, you will see a grid or list of core types of word and speech that you can add to for example: Food and Drink, My Places and My Clothes. From these you can tap the items which are relevant to your sentence and they will appear in the message window. If you need to conjugate these words you can simply press down and the full range of conjugations comes up. This means you can say ‘I am hungry’ instead of ‘I be hungry’ for example.  To speak your sentence, you simply tap the message window and it will be vocalised by your iPad. If it’s a sentence you feel you’ll use frequently, you can tap the plus (+) button and it will be added to the vocabulary in your iPad into the category of your choice. You can also recall recent speech items via the ‘Recent Views’ button and then you can repeat sentences from early in the day if you need to do, making it easy to have necessary commands and sentences stored.

This video gives some more information regarding Proloquo2Go:

Using a Trabasack Mini Connect as an iPad bag

This is a very basic outline of how Proloquo2go can be used but it can become an essential part of your daily life as it aids all communication and potentially socialisation. To ensure you can access your Proloquo2go app and in turn your iPad whilst out and about, it helps to have a specially designed iPad bag. The Trabasack Mini Connect is ideal as an iPad bag as it is perfectly designed to fit both iPad and iPad2 devices and is both secure and safe. In addition to its use as a bag you can use your Trabasack Mini Connect as a lap tray, which is extremely handy if you’re and about and you have a question or anything else to say. You can simply have your iPad resting on your Trabasack Mini Connect and access the sentences or phrases you want to use via Proloquo2go.

It is that simple and it can revolutionise your daily life, with the tap of a screen.

Click here for more ideas about communication apps and ipads

To download Proloquo2go in the itunes store click the box below:
Proloquo2Go - AssistiveWare

Communication apps for iPads

Here a few iPad apps that are particularly useful for communication.

We select a few communication apps for the iPad below. There are plenty of iPad apps out there designed for children and adults with disabilities and some of them are absolutely fantastic and can really change the quality of life for their users. Here is a compilation of some of the apps currently on the market:

Proloquo2go – this app is really life changing. A full touch-to-speak service which translates keystrokes into words and gives those with speech problems or complete lack of speech a chance to communicate verbally for the first time. This is costly for an app but compared to a traditional speech device is good value. An excellent review of Proloquo can be found on the very useful blog by Kati Lea: My life with Ataxia
Angry Octopus – Angry Octopus is a specifically designed story to help children learn to manage their anger. Highly acclaimed and recommended, this app teaches muscular relaxation and relaxed breathing through an interactive story rather than instructional teaching.

Stories2Learn– this app helps you create Social Stories for kids and adults diagnosed as having an Autistic Spectrum Disorder. It allows for the creation of personalised stories so you can include photos that the individual with the disorder can relate to and understand.

Trabasack with an Ipad

iCommunicate – another communication app which allows for simple expression of feelings and symbols. Again, you can customise it with specific photos of your environment, for example you could put together a storyboard with a photo of the individual with the disability and a photograph of their bed, symbolising bed time. It’s like interactive PEC cards for iPad users.

Doodle Kids – fun for anyone but has been described as particularly appealing to those with severe learning disabilities who respond well to sensory, light and colour therapies.

MyChoicePad – a brilliant and interactive way for learners and carers to understand and learn Makaton. It can significantly help adults and children with learning difficulties communicate their needs through symbols, images and words.

iBooks –  built into every iPad and popular amongst those with disabilities and without, iBooks allows you to read books or have them read to you straight from your iPad. Fantastic for people with visual impairment. There are a range of free books and you can purchase more if you need to!

There are many more communication iPad apps both in development and already available to assist people. The iPad is a huge development for people with disabilities and can really offer new opportunities for communication and education. We will soon be reviewing some apps developed by users, a great step forward for design.

Use trabasack to carry your iPad as well as on your lap

For people who want to mount and carry an iPad safely and cheaply, we recommend a Trabasack Mini Connect. It  has a range of straps and carrying options, you can rest it comfortably on your lap while using your iPad. If you want to you can attach the iPad to the soft surface for security.

Trabasack is available from these Communication Aid companies (to add your company to the list, please email duncan{at}