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Trabasack Mini: the perfect Inclusive Slate bag

Trabasack Mini: the perfect Inclusive Slate bag

The Inclusive Slate in action

The Inclusive Slate is a innovative and revolutionary piece of equipment and what’s more it’s affordable, accessible and easy to use. If you are lucky enough to own an Inclusive Slate, chances are you want to keep it safe and protect it from any potential damage. In addition to this, you want to be able to easily access it wherever you may be. With the Trabasack Mini, you can have both these functions in one product.

With a Trabasack Mini you get both a perfectly functional tablet bag for your Inclusive Slate and also a lap tray surface from which you can use and access it whenever you require. As an Inclusive Slate bag, the Trabasack Mini is a great choice because it’s the perfect size, looks great and can be carried in various different ways. These multiple carry options give you much more flexibility and you can choose to wear it as a backpack or as a messenger bag. As the Inclusive Slate is extremely lightweight and smaller than a piece of paper, it makes sense to protect it appropriately and with a Trabasack Mini bag you can do this.

Trabasack Mini Connect Inclusive Slate bag

The Trabasack Mini has another valuable function in its lap tray surface. This lap tray surface means you can use your Inclusive Slate wherever you are and as it is promoted for as a communication aid for struggling readers and writers, using your Inclusive Slate on a Trabasack Mini in a classroom is ideal. The Trabasack Mini surface is lipped which means your Inclusive Slate won’t slide off the edge and if you choose to use a Trabasack Mini Connect, the additional ‘Connect’ surface has an added benefit. With the ‘Connect’ surface, you can attach anything, including your Inclusive Slate, to your Trabasack Mini using Velcro hooks.

This gives a full product description and shows some of the great functions of the Inclusive Slate:

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