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The V Pen and Voice Symbol Software

A Trabasack Mini Connect is a great lapdesk for your communication aids

Voice Symbol Software gives you the opportunity to create talking pictures activated by the simple touch of a V Pen. With this software you can actually design and print your own ‘talking paper’, communication boards and books, which can be accessed through the innovative V Pen.  At Trabasack, we believe this pioneering technology is extremely revolutionary and the range of products available complement the V Pen is vast.

The V Pen itself is a radical new AAC learning support device which generates speech. It generates speech through reading sound codes from printer paper materials, thus creating the ‘talking paper’ that was previously mentioned, as well as communication boards and materials for teaching. This video shows the range of vocabulary that the V Pen can access

Attach communication cards to the versatile “Connect” surface

The V Pen is very easy to use and you simply touch the picture that corresponds with your thought to create the spoken voice. The communication boards are extremely useful for anybody who has reduced speech capabilities or is non-verbal and even better, they are a perfect fit for the Trabasack Mini Connect, which can be used as a tray to hold your communication board or cards. Using your Trabasack Mini Connect as a supportive lap tray whilst using your V Pen will mean you can easily access and touch the symbols at any given time.

The other important point to mentioned with the Trabasack Mini Connect is its “Connect” surface which acts as a great base for Velcro hooks meaning you can attached any laminated voice symbol software materials to your Trabasack and then you can access them more easily. Using your Trabasack Mini Connect in conjunction with your V Pen means you can communicate with ease.

A range of V – Pen products and bundles are available from Ability World.

How to use Proloquo2Go on Your iPad

How to use Proloquo2Go on Your iPad

Proloquo2Go is the leading portable and affordable AAC communication app for iPads and other Apple devices. Proloquo2Go can significantly improve the communication for those who are non-verbal or who have difficulty finding the words they need in certain scenarios, for example when they’re over anxious or stressed.

Proloquo2Go - AssistiveWare

A simple guide to how to use Proloquo2Go on your iPad.

Proloquo2go on iPad

Initially, you need to have a basic understanding of Apple technology, which is extremely intuitive and known for its basic and easy-accessibility. Proloquo2go is potentially very advanced technology but has some very basic features which have been known to aid even toddlers in their speech.

Firstly, you will see a grid or list of core types of word and speech that you can add to for example: Food and Drink, My Places and My Clothes. From these you can tap the items which are relevant to your sentence and they will appear in the message window. If you need to conjugate these words you can simply press down and the full range of conjugations comes up. This means you can say ‘I am hungry’ instead of ‘I be hungry’ for example.  To speak your sentence, you simply tap the message window and it will be vocalised by your iPad. If it’s a sentence you feel you’ll use frequently, you can tap the plus (+) button and it will be added to the vocabulary in your iPad into the category of your choice. You can also recall recent speech items via the ‘Recent Views’ button and then you can repeat sentences from early in the day if you need to do, making it easy to have necessary commands and sentences stored.

This video gives some more information regarding Proloquo2Go:

Using a Trabasack Mini Connect as an iPad bag

This is a very basic outline of how Proloquo2go can be used but it can become an essential part of your daily life as it aids all communication and potentially socialisation. To ensure you can access your Proloquo2go app and in turn your iPad whilst out and about, it helps to have a specially designed iPad bag. The Trabasack Mini Connect is ideal as an iPad bag as it is perfectly designed to fit both iPad and iPad2 devices and is both secure and safe. In addition to its use as a bag you can use your Trabasack Mini Connect as a lap tray, which is extremely handy if you’re and about and you have a question or anything else to say. You can simply have your iPad resting on your Trabasack Mini Connect and access the sentences or phrases you want to use via Proloquo2go.

It is that simple and it can revolutionise your daily life, with the tap of a screen.

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To download Proloquo2go in the itunes store click the box below:
Proloquo2Go - AssistiveWare

Using your Trabasack Mini Connect at an iTalk2 Bag

Using your Trabasack Mini Connect as an iTalk2 Bag

An iTalk2 Communication Aid

An iTalk2 is a very popular communication aid used in classrooms across the country and it’s a great way of helping people with limited communication or non-verbal individuals decide between two activities or simply saying yes or no. Such an essential piece of kit needs to be kept safe and this can be achieved with a Trabasack Mini Connect iTalk2 bag. The Trabasack Mini Connect is perfectly designed for keeping your iTalk2 safe and means it won’t be at risk from any damage.

The iTalk2 is an extremely simple piece of equipment which rests on angled base which further increases accessibility. It allows for two minutes of recording time and includes to Snap Switch Caps which allows for the individual using the device to make their choices. The Trabasack Mini Connect is also a great platform from which the device can be accessed. The Trabasack Mini Connect includes a lap tray surface on one side and a soft beanbag cushion on the other which means it can rest comfortably in the lap and be used as a level surface for the iTalk2.

The Trabasack Mini Connect also benefits from the Connect surface on its tray. This

Trabasack Mini Connect iTalk Bag

means that the surface is particularly receptive to Velcro hooks and so you can attach items to the surface and be assured they won’t roll off or fall and be damaged. This makes the trabasack very useful for switch mounting, especially for children using buggies or wheelchairs. When using your Trabasack Mini Connect as a iTalk2 bag, there are multiple carry options available. You can strap it to your back, around your waist or use its carry handles to use it like a briefcase, this is entirely you decision. However you decide to carry it, you can be assured that your iTalk2 is fully protected and secure.

The below video gives some more info about the iTalk2 and its functionality:

The italk2 is available from Liberator UK, who also stock trabasack and a range of other switches and communication aids.

Trabasack Mini: the perfect Inclusive Slate bag

Trabasack Mini: the perfect Inclusive Slate bag

The Inclusive Slate in action

The Inclusive Slate is a innovative and revolutionary piece of equipment and what’s more it’s affordable, accessible and easy to use. If you are lucky enough to own an Inclusive Slate, chances are you want to keep it safe and protect it from any potential damage. In addition to this, you want to be able to easily access it wherever you may be. With the Trabasack Mini, you can have both these functions in one product.

With a Trabasack Mini you get both a perfectly functional tablet bag for your Inclusive Slate and also a lap tray surface from which you can use and access it whenever you require. As an Inclusive Slate bag, the Trabasack Mini is a great choice because it’s the perfect size, looks great and can be carried in various different ways. These multiple carry options give you much more flexibility and you can choose to wear it as a backpack or as a messenger bag. As the Inclusive Slate is extremely lightweight and smaller than a piece of paper, it makes sense to protect it appropriately and with a Trabasack Mini bag you can do this.

Trabasack Mini Connect Inclusive Slate bag

The Trabasack Mini has another valuable function in its lap tray surface. This lap tray surface means you can use your Inclusive Slate wherever you are and as it is promoted for as a communication aid for struggling readers and writers, using your Inclusive Slate on a Trabasack Mini in a classroom is ideal. The Trabasack Mini surface is lipped which means your Inclusive Slate won’t slide off the edge and if you choose to use a Trabasack Mini Connect, the additional ‘Connect’ surface has an added benefit. With the ‘Connect’ surface, you can attach anything, including your Inclusive Slate, to your Trabasack Mini using Velcro hooks.

This gives a full product description and shows some of the great functions of the Inclusive Slate:

Using your Trabasack Mini as a Lightwriter Bag

Use your Trabasack Mini as a Lightwriter Bag

The Trabasack Mini is the perfect size for s Lightwriter SL40

Finding the right bag for your Lightwriter can be difficult. As your Lightwriter is obviously an essential and expensive piece of equipment you use for daily communication, you need to be sure the bag you use to store is able to keep it safe, secure and intact. With a Trabasack Mini or Trabasack Mini Connect, you will have no trouble keeping your Lightwriter in top condition and also be able to access it for communication as and when you require.

Your Trabasack Mini is the ideal Lightwriter Bag as its both compact and functional. It’s designed to hold all manner of devices and keeps them secure in its spacious bag compartment and if you want to utilise the Trabasack Mini’s tray surface, you’ll find it is the perfect size for a Lightwriter SL40, which means you can keep your Lightwriter on a secure and level surface when you have something to say. Additionally, if you opt to have the ‘Connect’ surface on your Trabasack Mini, your Lightwriter can be secured with Velcro hooks so there is no risk of it falling or getting damaged. This is a particularly good option for anybody who experiences tremors or physical tics.

The Trabasack Mini is designed to be comfortable on your back as a rucksack as well as on your lap as a tray but can also be carried in other ways. It can be carried as a messenger bag, like a briefcase and its long detachable carry straps can be used to make a waist strap too.

At Trabasack, we understand how essential equipment such as your Lightwriter can be and this is exactly why we have designed products like the Trabasack Mini to ensure you can keep your most valuable possessions safe and sound in a perfectly designed Lightwriter Bag. The second tray function of the Trabasack just makes it even more practical as you can access your Lightwriter whenever you need.

 Below is a video looking more in depth in Lightwriters and their benefits:

For more info and to visit the main trabasack site click this link Lightwriter bag

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