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World Autism Awareness Day 2014

World Autism Awareness Day

World Autism Awareness Day

World Autism Awareness Day takes place on the 2nd of April, a day for raising the awareness of autism as well as celebrating the achievements and strengths of people living with autism.

Celebrating World Autism Awareness Day

World Autism Awareness Day gives everybody involved with someone living with autism, the people themselves and those who care about sharing awareness of the condition the chance to shout about it. World Autism Awareness Day is celebrated across many countries and it’s an opportunity for people to share their stories and come together to celebrate the people who succeed and exceed expectations every single day.

In the UK it’s believed more than 1 in every 100 people has autism and this equates to around 700,000 just in the UK. It is a condition which effects different people in different ways and whilst some people living with Autism can live independently, find employment and enjoy a busy social calendars others are non-verbal and require 24 hour care and support.

At Communication Aids many of our articles and posts support people living with autism or their parents and carers. Many of the verbal communication issues we discuss are highly relevant to people involved in the care of someone with autism and we hope our efforts have been helpful in some way or another.

This video from 2013 shows exactly how much World Autism Awareness Day means to many different people:

Technology, Communication and Autism

World Autism Awareness Day

Proloquo2go AAC App for Speech

All of us use technology on a daily basis: from checking our emails to watching TV, a screen is never far away. We already know that technology can be hugely beneficial and helpful for people living with communication difficulties and this extends to people wit autism.

Many people living with autism have difficulties with communication, both in terms of verbal speech and comprehension of others. Tablets such as ones made by Apple or Android offer a range of AAC apps for speech which we have discussed at length previous and this can ease the anxiety and frustration of many people with an ASD, as communication can finally become a possibility.

With a lack of traditional communication methods can often come difficulties in learning from traditional teaching and classroom methods.  Listening for long periods of time can be difficult due to many people living with autism having difficulty with concentration and organisation. A learning app gives the user the ability to learn at their own pace, with the option of repeating segments they may well have missed if it were the spoken word. Game-based learning is also proven to be extremely valuable.

Trabasack for your Tablet

The Trabasack is a lightweight lap tray and secure travel bag, ideal for carrying a tablet safely and securely. Using the Trabasack Media Mount your tablet can be in the upright position, or simply lay it flat on the large, sturdy tray which attaches comfortably around the waist. The beanbag cushion underneath provides comfort and support when using your Trabasack, while the D-Ring attachments make the bag easy to carry around by shoulder strap or over the handles of a wheelchair. To enhance your tablet experience, buy your Trabasack now.

Low Cost AAC Apps for Speech

Low Cost AAC Apps for Speech

Kati Lea pictured with a trabasack and a lightwriter

Kati Lea has made some suggestions for low cost apps on the very useful facebook group ‘More than words’.

The range of AAC apps on the market is vast and working your way through them all can be a daunting task. Some of the more established brands may seem hugely expensive, especially if you don’t have funding in any way and especially in light of recent benefit cuts.

An extremely helpful and valued group on Facebook called More Than Words has given us plenty of food for thought and inspired this post. The group is managed by Kati Lea, who has previously appeared on our site as a Trabasack user and advocate of many AAC apps and devices.

We’ve learned a lot in our time in the group and are sharing some of the fantastic low cost AAC apps for speech available if you can’t stretch to the more expensive options on the market.

Speak for Yourself


Speak for yourself interface

An iPad app designed by two experienced speech language pathologists who specialise in AAC. The app is built upon evidence and research and uses a word-based vocabulary. The vocabulary is built up from the most frequently used words in general communication and gives access to over 13,000 words. It’s available for £139.99 which is significantly less than many of the more established apps.


1146552_10201691579562058_2011249760_nClaroCom is an iOS app which aims to take the place of speech for those who are unable to communicate that way. It’s designed to be suitable for adults and children with some or complete literacy. Users can simply type into ClaroCom or they can use word prediction or phrase prediction functions. A range of voices are available and they are programmed with English accents which can make all the difference. You can make the in-app purchase of further accents including Australian, Scottish and South African. ClaroCom may be a good first app for users new to AAC as it’s available for just £9.99.


Speech Assistant AAC


Speech Assistant AAC on Smartphone

This app is for Android users and is completely free! Being free doesn’t necessarily make it a great choice although we think it has some basic, valuable features which make it worth trying. The app is loaded up with 12 categories and within each category are several set phrases which can be vocalised as they are and you can also add in important personalisation.

Click here to try it out



Grid Player

Grid Player AAC

Grid Player Characters

Grid Player is another highly valuable FREE AAC app which could be perfect for you or your family. It is accessible for a wide range of people including those who are more comfortable with symbols than words or text. It includes over 24,000 different symbols and has both male and female voices so it can be personalised. You can personalise it and add in your own features including photographs, words and symbols.


Some of these apps may not be perfect for your situation but they could be part of the learning curve to find the right app or device for you or your family’s needs. If you have found some low cost apps to help with communication or wish to comment on the post above please do so below. You will also find more useful apps for communication under ‘Related Posts’ below.

Trabasack is available from these Communication Aid companies (to add your company to the list, please email duncan{at}