Children using Tablets for Education

Kids using Tablets for Educational Purposes

American Advertising Group Produces New Infographic

The popularity of the iPad is nothing new, we all know it’s a huge hit but did we know how much kids loved it? New statistics have been  put together by Florida agency MDG Advertising in this new infographic. It shows exactly how into tablet technology our children are. More than just fun and games, there is evidence of more kids using tablets for educational purposes rather than anything else.

Kid Tech, According To Apple [Infographic]

infographic about tablets being used for educational purposes

Infographicby MDG Advertising

What does it all mean?

SEN Kids using Tablets for Education

SEN kids Using Tablets for Education

We’ve talked before about how positive iPads can be for children’s education. The modern world is digital. Children born today are already prepped for using new technologies just by seeing their parents doing so. What’s more, Apple haven’t missed a trick. They target every market group, even those under one, with apps and products to suit their ‘needs’. The pre-teen market is completely packed out with kids wanting to use tablets and kids using tablets for education is becoming the norm.

We were particularly interested in the section of the infographic which deals with special educational needs technology. The section is entitled Making Special Education Needs Easier and looks at the statistics relating to autism and AAC technology in particular. It highlights there are currently 900 autism-specific apps available for the iPad. It also points out the shocking fact that specific devices for communication, before the iPad, could cost as much as $15,000. Another great figure from the graphic is that 90% of AAC users have turned to using iPads for communication. This shows how beneficial these products are for education and communication more clearly than anything else.

The final statement “Although iPads aren’t the most integral tool for a child’s education quite yet, Americans can expect that to change in the next decade’ is extremely exciting and we can believe it. The iPad has revolutionised education for many and kids using tablets for education report better results than those without access and there is hope in the future, as prices decrease that even more pupils may have access to these devices.

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