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It’s no secret that we are huge fans of the Skoog. Their original instrument is an absolute marvel that helps people with learning or physical disability play music. So when we heard Skoog 2.0 was being launched and an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign had been started in its name, we were immediately interested in finding out more. We are huge supporters of the talented team at Skoog and want to see their newest venture at launching Skoog 2.0 with full mainstream appeal succeed.

The Instrument for All

Skoog follows generations of equipment aimed at synthesising sound to make it more accessible. The brilliant thing about the Skoog and even more so with the Skoog 2.0 is it’s designed with inclusivity in mind. It follows design for all principles and in their own words it’s ‘a new musical instrument that you don’t need to learn how to use’. Simple, fun and able to be used in many different ways the Skoog 2.0 is tactile, soft to touch and absolutely fantastic when it comes to making music whether you’re 5 or 65.

Skoog 2.0 Design For All

Skoog 2.0 Design For All

Skoog 2.0 is a huge improvement from the original Skoog, which rose to fame thanks to its successful use in many classrooms around the world. Skoog 2.0 is designed with the average buyer in mind and it is finally becoming a reality that Skoog could be seen regularly in our homes, classrooms and communities. The new Skoog 2.0 has been enhanced in many ways. It is now wireless, iOS and Android compatible and an exceptionally expressive instrument which helps you to create music from the very first touch.

Anyone can play Skoog 2.0, it’s truly universal. All the technical barriers usually faced when trying to play a musical instrument are removed and the sound can be focused on, allowing the player to feel like a real musician and enjoy their very own tune within mere minutes. This campaign video gives a little more information about Skoog 2.0 works:

Making Music with Technology

As that video suggest Skoog and Skoog 2.0 help you to make music using tech and the sounds are simply produced by your movements and the way you touch and press the instrument. This video shows in more depth exactly how you play the Skoog and below this there is an example of a Skoog musician playing a popular song:

As you can see Skoog is fun, user-friendly and allows true enjoyment of music for people of all ages and experiences.

Supporting Skoog 2.0

Despite the fact that the original Skoog was hugely popular the team still need more funding to launch their second product on the mass market and we want to give them a boost. Their IndieGoGo campaign is well on its way to achieving its impressive £75,000 target but we’ve only got until January 8th  2015 to help and we really want to see the guys getting the results they deserve. There are perks for making a donation, all of which sound pretty worthwhile to us and are well explained in the below graphic:



The original Skoog and our Trabasack + Media Mount

Music for Everyone

Music can be enjoyed by people from all backgrounds and of all experiences. It’s a key feature in sensory education and as the photo to the left shows, the original Skoog is perfectly partnered with our Trabasack Media Mount to create a one-person musical station. Universal products need more support and we believe that Skoog 2.0 should be made available to as many people as possible. Go and contribute if you can or share this news with your networks to support a great cause!

Click to visit the skoog crowdfunding page now!

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