Drake Music Needs You

Drake Music Needs You.

How accessible is formal music education in the UK?

The original Skoog

The folks over at Drake Music are conducting a very important and well needed consultation into the accessibility of formal music education and we can all take part. Drake Music is asking everybody to complete on their questionnaires to discover more about the state of formal music education.  Even better,  you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a new limited edition black Skoog: the accessible and fun musical instrument.

The consultation is taking place on 2nd November and is aiming to help Drake Music identify the disabling barriers blocking access to formal music education. There are two different questionnaires: one directed at disabled young people and musicians, the other for schools and music education professionals. The results of the consultation should be available by the end of 2011 and the ultimate aim is to come up with some solutions / procedures which can improve the accessibility of music education and then this research can be shared with schools, colleges and educational establishments across the country.

We at Trabasack are strong supporters of social inclusion and the accessibility of education to all, be it music or otherwise and therefore we urge you to get involved and have your voice heard by taking part in Drake Music’s consultation.

The limited edition Black Skoog!

For more information and to find a link to the questionnaire, visit the Drake Music website. Drake Music are the only organisation in England who specialise in assistive music technology to break down barriers to participation and at Trabasack, we are more than happy to support their cause!










18 November 2011 Update

 The winner of the DM Education Skoog prize draw is announced by a BTEC music student using Clicker 5 software! The prize draw was open to anyone completing a consultation questionnaire into ‘disabling barriers to formal music education’ by 9th Nov 2011. The consultation findings will be published early in 2012. Drake Music will use the findings to draw up a short list of ‘benchmark procedures’ which will be shared with schools, colleges, exam boards and others throughout music education, to try and make formal music education more accessible for SEN/Disabled people.

And the winner is:

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